March 23, 2011

Lil Fire Fighter

Morning blogging friends .... first off I would like to day Rest in Peace Elizabeth Taylor! I liked her, she had gumption!

Ok, back to my card... I got this stamp from my friend Jen from Pieces of Me, I love it ... it's so cute. I found it while I was cleaning out my scrapbook room a few weeks ago. it's an amazing thing when you clean, you find so many cool and cute things you forgot you had! LOL.

My daughter loves this stamp too, when she sees Fighter Fighters, she always thinks of our dear friends Jim and his wife CB. Jim was a Captian of one of the Fire Departments where we live ... when they were coming home from calls they received, and if they passed our house, Jim would blow the horn from the fire truck ... Stefani would get so excited. Awww the memories. Jim's retired now, but Stefani always thinks of him when she sees the Fire Trucks .... We've know them for at least 24 years, I work with CB at a baby store and we remained friends, Stefani was 3 months old when I met them ... Just like my dear friends Doug and Darlene ... man I love them! they are fantastic friends ....

Ok, back to the card, I used some copics on him, I also used the blending copic on his boots, to make it look like they are white washed. the paper is one of the things that I found when cleaning my scrapbook room, I found so much paper in this little folder, it was like Christmas ... hehe .... well guess I better go and get some things done. Thanks for stopping by, until my next post ... Hope ya'll have a great day!

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