January 14, 2009

Blog Awards

Looky what I got from my good friend Margie at Oh Bumble is Me, wasn't that sweet of her? you should race over and visit her blog, she has some great things to look at. I love her blog. Thanks Margie for the award, it means a lot!

Check this out, Lisa over at ink and inspirations awarded me this Fabulous blog award! Lisa does fabulous work and I love visiting her blog, you should go and check it out!!-- Thanks again Lisa for the award!
I have to share five obsessions with you and pass it on to other blogs of my choosing, so here goes:

1) I'm obsessed with Dooney & Burke purses, I can't buy a purse without the matching wallet. (QVC is my friend when they go the D&B specials)

2) I loves shoes, I must have about 40 pair of black shoes and about 20 pair of brown shoes and about 15 pairs of other colors (red, pink and white). If I like the shoe in black, I'm probably going to get it in brown too ... hehehehe

3) I love DVD's and going to the movies, I try and go to the moves every Friday or Sat and I love DVD New Release Tuesday.... I must have about 400+ DVD's

4) I love blogging, I may not be that good at updating my blog everyday, but I LOVE looking at everyone elses. Ya'll are a bunch of talented people.

5) I'm a cardstock freak! I can't stop buying card stock, even if I don't need it (which I DON'T) I buy it anyways. I was just in my local scrapbook store and bought $26.00 worth of paper I DIDN'T need .... I need to go to a little program called "Card Stock Anonymous" " and stand up in front of my other card stock people and say "Hi my name is Toni" ..... hehehehe

Here are the are the bloggers that I'm passing this on to:

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Thank you for the visit and following.