January 18, 2009

Early Valentines Day Gift

Looky what my Daddy got me and my daughter for Valentines day .... I'm so excited! we have already put it to use. It has a Tennis racket, Golf Club and a Bat ... Stefani and I were some baseball play`n, tennis slappin, golf swinging fools today ... hehehehe - I got up late, missed church but had to get the day started. I cleaned the back yard, mowed and edged the lawn, did laundry, cleaned the breakfast dishes, did some homework, made my V-day cards for my card swap and took Stefani to get her hair done ... Came home and cooked dinner, washed the car and folded the last it of laundry and here I am .... whew, this ole girl is tired.

Hope you all had a good weekend, I have to go back to work tomorrow to rest ... hehehehe
How is it that I lost about 47 pounds and then gained 7 back and feel like an enormous pig?? Anyways, even though I was so busy today, I managed to walk minutes in the tread mill today too, so maybe I can lose the 7 pounds I gained ... we shall see ... Hope you all have a great Sunday!


Sharon said...

What's the secret to losing the weight? Could it be the WII system?! I may have to get myself one of those. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new toys!!!! We have yet to pick those up and it definitely is a work out.

My hubs and I rock out on Dance Dance Revolution- it's absolutely hysterical but it works you out girl!