January 23, 2009

V-day Cards

Morning bloggers, Thank goodness it's Friday and I'm so happy! This has been such a long and rough week and i'm ready for the weekend. I been having a terrible time getting up and getting ready for work, it's been cold and rainy here. I like the rain, but it makes me very lazy... hehehe

I've been helping my Mom walk her dogs, she has 3 poms and only one likes to walk on a leash and the other two prefer to be dragged .. hehehee (don't worry, were not really dragging them). We've been walking them for a few weeks now, my dad told my mom that if she can get the dogs to walk on a leash, then he will take all of them on a little vacation, so I have been helping my Momma so she can get her vacation!

Louey is doing good now, last night we were walking and he kept looking up at me as if he was saying "are we done yet?" .... and then there's Lucielle, she's a snob, we took some treats so reward them for doing so good, she took hers from my Mom's hand and the spit it out and turned her back to us ... bawhahahaha she was trying to prove she's the Alpha dog! When we got home she went to her cage and won't come out ... she was pouting!

Anyways, I finally got into my scrapbook room to play a little and made a few cards for Valentines day, i'm so behind, I have treat bags that I need to make for my little great neice's Valentines party for school and I have some birthday cards that need to be made and of course I need to get my card swap cards in the mail. Man time flies..... I can't believe we are at the end of Jan already, enough of me babbling, here is one of the cards I made last night! Enjoy ~


Margie said...

Cute card and image!
Have a great weekend :)

Teri said...

Love this card and image! I have a bunch of these gals, haven't used them on a card in a while...thanks for inspiring me today!! xo, Teri

Short Time Obsessions said...

Mizz Toni, I absolutely love the back ground image of your blog, very cute, slightly victorian... perfect for ya.. As always I love checkin up on one of my best girlfriends and seeing what your fabulous mind has created for us today.
Thanks for always being willing to share a little piece of your life with us.
I'm going to be working on redesigning my blog, and taking some pictures of stuff I've already done up or are in progress.
As always, I love ya.

jennyv said...

I checked out Teri's blog and I came accross your name. So I wanted to check out your creations.This card is so cute I love the stamp of the girl.

Rina said...

Don't feel bad Toni, time flies by fast, here too in the islands. The only Valentines I've done so far, were those of the "Cards 4 Kids" and a few challenges/ assignments. So you are actually doing great =)

Lisa Brown said...

Very cute, Toni! Love your coloring!

cadnileb said...

Oh what an adorable image! Great coloring!